Botanical Printing:         Annie Temple

Handcrafted Wood Clocks:  Schlabaugh & Sons

Fiber and Fabric Art:     Elizabeth Rhoads Read  - Fiber sculptures

                                                 Janet Bergeron  

                                                 Julie McCullough 

Fused Glass:      Amy Mueggenberg

Jewelry:    Louise Mcilhon  - Gemstones Jewelry    Amy Mueggenberg - AM Artistic       Tahmi DeSchepper - The Art of Woven Metal  Jan Kellogg - Metal

Mixed Media and Encaustic:    Amy E Witte

Painting:  Mary Kline-Misol                   Nawal Ghali

                       Marybeth Heikes                  Patricia Davis

Pastels:  Denice Peters

                    John Evans 

Photography:    Jacqueline Stoken           Victoria Herring - Journeyzing

Sculpture:   Annick Ibsen  

                          Hilde DeBruyne       

WoodArt:     Tom Whalley       

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