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Printing in the Wild
Annie Temple

October 1 - 31st 2021

This grouping of prints was created using found botanicals on watercolor paper using a heat press. The technique uses mordants that contribute to the printing of flowers and plants. I tend to go out into the local meadows and woods to find interesting botanicals. I use art paper as a background, placing the art paper over the plants I am printing, The dye from the colored art paper is released and creates a background on the paper giving it a watercolor effect.

Annie's p.jpg

Still Life and Interiors
Michael S Ryan

Jun through Oct 2021

Michael S. Ryan is a native of Iowa and has been a painter all his life. Trained as an abstract artist in the New York School tradition while at the University of Iowa, Ryan turned to representational painting in the early 1980’s after his exposure to the Bay Area painters of California, and painters like Wolf Kahn. Their successful fusion of high key color, representational imagery, and abstract forms became the inspiration for Ryan’s work. The style Ryan uses is a combination of all those elements coupled with very expressive brushwork and complex design.

Tea and oranges 29x37 1500.jpg

The Alice Cycle
Mary Kline-Misol

Jun through Oct 2021

Highly accomplished as a figurative painter and moving through a series of works inspired by the work and photographs of Charles Dodgson(Lewis Carroll), Mary Kline-Misol creates a comfortable fit with both real and fictional characters of the Oxford don who wrote the world famous Alice in Wonderland stories. In this recent collection of giclees, the artist offers some of the most appealing work to date, including the large original piece Red Queen (Diva) from the cycle.

Which Dreamed It 22x16.jpg

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